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SCLL Announces District and Super Bowl Teams for 2022

By Mark Reynolds, 05/26/22, 12:15PM PDT


SCLL Announces District and Super Bowl Teams for 2022

Congratulations to our players representing the City of Good Living in our Super Bowl and District Tournaments---we wish you the best of luck!

Please bookmark the D52 Tourney Machine page where you can follow the teams in action!


Seniors (14, 15, and 16)

Manager – Joe Gotelli

Coach – Tim Giacomini

Coach – Craig Ostrander


Asher  Frankel

Cameron Reynolds

Clayton Magner

Derek Hymer

Drew Ostrander

Ethan Pedroso

Gavin Reynick

Levi Wellman

Luke Robinson

Mitchell Giacomini

Nathan Gotelli

Porter Pope

Reid Cole

Tyler Castricone

Vincent Olinger-Giani

Zaiden Saberi


Juniors (14) –

Manager – Craig Strong

Joey Bronzini (Yellow)

Kaden Choi (White)

Liam Armando (Yellow)

Luke Weisman (Blue)

Owen Strong (Blue)


District Intermediates (13)

Manager - Liam Fairbairn (Blue)

Coach - Ryan Schwedhelm (White)

Coach - Dan Hymer (White)


Blake Whitaker (White)

Brody Zirelli (Blue)

Cole Hymer (Whhite)

Connor Law (Blue)

Eli Weinberger (Grey)

Hugh Ford (Blue)

Isaac Nayfack (Grey)

Luke Castricone (Yellow)

Luke Ostrander (White)

Nolan Hahm (White)

Patrick Schwedhelm (White)

Ryder Williams (White)

Ryan Cole (White)

Rylan Fairbairn (Blue)

Zachary Beals (White)


District 12s

Manager - Josh Berta (Cubs)

Coach - James Deitrich (Pirates)

Coach - Bill Widner (Cubs)


Brayden Berta (Cubs)

Dominic Benson (Giants)

Duncan Reynick (A's)

Jack Sullivan (Yankees)

Julian Levenson (Braves)

Liam Widner (Cubs)

Logan Deitrich (Pirates)

Luke Hsu (A's)

Mason Stevick (Pirates)

Oliver Connolly (Tigers)

Ryan Miller (Pirates)

Will Stallings (A's)


District 11s

Manager - Dino Perazzo (Giants)

Coach -Joe Perna (Giants)

Coach - Kevin Beals (Tigers)


Asher Fiel (Giants)

Ashton Robinson (Giants)

Austin Lindberg (Tigers)

Austin Perna (Giants)

Cade Ostrander (A's)

Carson Ettinger (Braves)

Carter Moore (Tigers)

Matthew Harville (A's)

Nolan Miskelly (Tigers)

Peter Madigan (Tigers)

Robert Davis (Yankees)

Ryan Perazzo (Giants)

Sam Beals (Tigers)


District 10s

Manager - Kevin Currie (Tigers)

Coach - Matt Pitstick (Tigers)

Coach - John Fisher (A's)


Alekos Woods (Hot Rods)

Bryce Portner (Lugnuts)

Carson Abella (IronBirds)

Charles Fisher (A's)

Colt Currie (Tigers)

Desmond Fischer (Yankees)

Jack Sullivan (Knights)

James Kauffman (Pirates)

Jesse Pinelli (Braves)

Kieran Smith (Mud Hens)

Korbin Saber (Thunder)

Wren Pitstick (Tigers)



Super Bowl Majors

Manager - Doug Massey (Braves)

Coach - Mark Reynolds (Giants)

Coach - Tim Pinelli (Braves)


Aiden Foley (Pirates)

AJ Pedroso (Braves)

Alex Bravo (Giants)

Austin King (Giants)

Brad Prendergast (Tigers)

Calvin Massey (Braves)

Dominic Balesteri (Yankees)

Isaac Samon (Cubs)

Jacob Reynolds (Giants)

Jude Abrams-Schepler (Tigers)

Julien Loh (Cubs)

Liam Pinelli (Braves)

Ryunosuke Kamalakkannan (Braves)


Super Bowl Minors

Manager - Alex Fong (Knights)

Coach - Russ Berman (Hot Rods)

Coach - Mike Robles (Knights)


Ansel Ma (Thunder)

Brandon Fong (Knights)

Evan Zalabak (Mud Hens)

Hayden Robertson (Knights) 

Jack Carroll (Thunder)

Justin Tha (Lugnuts)

Liam Brillman (Mud Hens)

Luke Macuga (Lugnuts)

Mattais Robles (Knights)

Matteo Bessette (Bulls)

Noah Berman (Hot Rods)

Parker Mullooly (Thunder)

Preston-Morrison Kunz (Hot Rods) 

Ronan Piovesan (Bulls)