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SCLL Announces District and Super Bowl Teams for 2023

By Laura Kauffman, 05/26/23, 11:30AM PDT


Congratulations to our players representing the City of Good Living in our Super Bowl and District Tournaments---we wish you the best of luck!

Please bookmark the D52  page where you can follow the teams in action!


Seniors (14, 15, and 16)

Manager – Jeff King

Coach – Mark Reynolds

Coach –To be named later


Andrew Gonzalez

Cameron Reynolds

D’anjou Libunao

Ethan Pedroso

Hayden Del visco

Hunter Roark

Joey Bronzini

Kaden Choi

Liam Armando

Lucas Michael

Luke Weisman

Matteo (Teo) Chocano

Nash Trautwein

Nate Hui

Porter Pope

Zane King



Juniors (13 and 14)

Manager – Liam Fairbairn (Grey)

Coach – James Deitrich (Grey)

Coach – Darrin LaVrar (White)


Blake Whitaker (White)

Cole Hymer (White)

Devin DeBono (Blue)

Hugh Ford (Blue)

Julian Levenson (Grey)

Liam Pinelli (Grey)

Logan Deitrich (Grey)

Luke Ostrander (White)

Mason Stevick (Grey)

Maximiliano LaVrar (Blue)

Rylan Fairbairn (Grey)

Shane Young (Grey)

Trevor Demkin  (Grey)

Vevaan Kodige (Grey)



District 12s (11 and 12)

Manager – Dino Perazzo (Giants)

Coach – Joe Perna (Cardinals)

Coach – Craig Ostrander (A’s)


Asher Fiel (Braves)

Austin Lindberg (Giants)

Austin Perna (Cardinals)

Ben Eisenberg (Giants)

Cade Ostrander (A’s)

Carson Ettinger (Pirates)

Cole Kirk (Red Sox)

Duke Watson (Pirates)

Robbie Davis (Yankees)

Ryan Perazzo (Giants)

Sam Beals (Cardinals)

Samuel Wright (Pirates)



District 11s (11)

Manager – Kevin Currie (Padres)

Coach – Matt Pitstick (Padres)

Coach – John Fisher (Red Sox)


Ansel Ma (Cardinals)

Charles Fisher (Red Sox)

Colt Currie (Padres)

Desmond Fischer (Pirates)

Jack Sullivan (Yankees)

James Kauffman (A’s)

Jesse Pinelli (Padres)

Justin Tha (Padres)

Kieran Smith (Padres)

Korbin Saber (A’s)

Wren Pitstick (Padres)

Wyatt Hoffmann (Pirates)



District 10s (9 and 10)

Manager – Gary Anderson (Flying Squirrels)

Coach – Keenan Hird (Cardinals)

Coach – Tony Rhein (Mud Hens)


Austin Anderson (Flying Squirrels)

Bentley Hird (Cardinals)

Brandon Fong (Yankees)

Dexter Carlson (Giants)

Dominic Rhein (Mud Hens)

Evan Zalabak (Braves)

Giovanni Flores (River Cats)

Griffin Lucia (Bulls)

Hunter Hoffmann (Mud Hens)

Marquez Robles (Braves)

Matthew Weisman (Trash Pandas)

Robbie Zaroor (Flying Squirrels)



Super Bowl Majors

Manager – Jeff Smith (Pirates)

Coach – Kyle Parrish (Padres)

Coach – Mike Robles (Braves)


Advaith Vijayasankaran (Braves)

Aiden Chan (Braves)

Cooper Smith (Pirates)

Grant Parrish (Padres)

Hayden Robertson (Yankees)

Jacob Brill (Red Sox)

Johhny Morey (Yankees)

Luca Bronzini (Giants)

Mattais Robles (Braves)

Matthew Harville (Red Sox)

Nolan Miskelly (Padres)

Peter Madigan (A’s)

Preston Morrison-Kunz (Padres)

Tyler Logan (Giants)



Super Bowl Minors

 Manager – Jamie Fellows (Bulls)

Coach – Mike Murphy (Yard Goats)

Coach – James Hannah (River Cats)


Alexander Cha (Iron Birds)

Charlie Sullivan (Mud Hens)

Emma Harville (Mud Hens)

Jake Hollis (Flying Squirrels)

James Fellows (Bulls)

Jimmy Hannah (River Cats)

Malachi Reed (Flying Squirrels)

Miko Zarzour (Bulls)

Nicholas Honeck (Bulls)

Rory Wilke-Hiland (Iron Birds)

Vince Flores (Iron Birds)

West Murphy (Yard Goats)

Will Warner (Thunder)

William Byrnes (Trash Pandas)